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Country Information - Greece

Imagine - owning a home in Greece. Tamarisk trees shade sandy beaches. The turquoise crystal sea laps your feet. Your own fresh lemons are within arm's reach, the warm air sings with the aroma of wild oregano, and local farmers still ride wooden-saddled mules. Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and a holiday paradise. If you want to escape the rat-race and improve the quality of your life Greece has plenty to offer - a superb climate, one of the best diets in the world and slower pace of life, and always there is the breeze rustling through the olive groves, majestic mountains, silent shaded forests and clear blue sea … all of which would be worth nothing without the proud friendly people!
Greece is largely unspoilt with little industry and few high-rise buildings outside the major cities – the islands in particular have escaped the scourge of indiscriminate development common in many other Mediterranean countries. The Greeks are a very warm and welcoming people. Just go to the local taverna or cafenion more than once and you will be making new friends in no time. The Greek language does not even have a word for “foreigner”, instead, they use the word for “guest”.

The country also enjoys one of the healthiest diets in Europe, consisting largely of fish, fresh fruit and vegetables, olive oil and wine. Olives and figs hang from the trees. And it goes without saying the fish is as fresh as it gets. With readily available ingredients that would turn Gordon Ramsay green with envy, you just know the food is top notch. The best place to get your teeth into some proper Greek food is always slightly off the beaten track: the tavernas set away from the main tourist areas; the random restaurant you happened to drive past in a tiny village.  Having said that, the Greeks are proud of their food, so you'll get great cuisine wherever you happen to be.

The cost of living in Greece is about 25-35% cheaper than the UK, and properties are less than half the price of more established markets such as Spain and Cyprus. Once you have bought your property, there are no monthly council tax bills, you just pay your electricity and water on a meter, plus a small charge to cover rubbish collection.

Greece is a full member of the European Union and property prices are expected to rise significantly in the next few years, as foreigners have only been allowed to buy property in Greece since 1993. Property in Greece offers excellent value for money. When you combine the prices with the weather, the accessibility, the lack of crime, the restrictions on over-development and the legendary Greek hospitality, you can see why more and more people are choosing to buy a home in Greece. The future for Greece is excellent.

When buying a property in Greece you should allow approximately 15% of the purchase price to cover purchase taxes and costs.

If you have any questions about the purchase process please call us on 01223 969304 and we will be happy to help.

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