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Country Information - Portugal

With its sleepy inland villages, vibrant towns and cities and beautiful fishing ports Portugal remains one of the more popular holiday and property locations in Europe.

Part of the Iberian Peninsula, it is the westernmost country in continental Europe. Portugal is bordered by Spain to the north and east and by the Atlantic Ocean to the west and south.

The traditional industries of Portugal - agricultural and fishing - have been joined by tourism. You sense however, that the Portuguese know exactly where to draw the line between development and environment, and they have managed to preserve their unique way of life.

Portugal's great weather and stunning beaches make it a wonderful, year-round holiday destination and place to live. It has golden sands, azure seas and striking rock formation. There are so many lovely interesting sandy beaches in the Algarve that you will find amongst them a good selection to enjoy. When you see the sign "Praia" this means in Portuguese "beach".

The Atlantic makes it a haven for sailors and windsurfers Experiencing the magic of the underwater world of diving, both scuba and snorkel, is a rewarding pursuit. Portugal offers an exciting variety of outdoor pursuits. Even winter snow-skiing is available in the mountains of Serra da Estrela.

There are many challenging golf courses with world-class facilities for the golf enthusiast, and with 27 top-class golf courses to play there's plenty of opportunity to improve your handicap.

For a relatively small nation, Portugal has surprising gastronomic variety. Despite the lasting influence it has had on food in such far-away places as Macau and Goa, Portuguese cuisine is hugely under-represented outside Portugal. Often confused with Spanish cooking, it is, in fact, quite distinct. Peri-peri, a Brazilian spice transplanted to the former African colonies is used to flavour chicken and shrimp. Curry spices from Goa are common seasonings. These spices are typically used very sparingly, adding subtle flavour and depth to dishes.

If there is one thing that typifies traditional Portuguese food, however, it is fish. From the common anchovy to swordfish, sole, sea bream, bass and salmon, markets and menus reveal the full extent of Portugal's love affair with seafood. In Portugal, even a street-bought fish burger is filled with flavour. 

When buying a property in Portugal you should allow the following approximate amounts to cover purchase taxes and costs:

Purchase price up to         
                                              €112,200 - 5%
                                              €112,201 - €153,000 – 8%
                                              €153,001 - €255,000 – 9%
                                              €255,001 - €510,000 – 11%
                                              €511,000 upwards - 9%
If you have any questions about the purchase process please call us on 01223 969304 and we will be happy to help.

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