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Country Information - Italy

Our properties are located in Calabria which is the 'toe' of Italy and the Calabrese people will welcome you to their region and treat you as friends. In particular they will love the children. They are traditionally hospitable and very keen to show off the beauty of their region and to share it with you.

Italian design has become a byword for high taste. From orange squeezers to fashion, cars to architecture, Italian life has a flair that few other countries can offer. Whether it is their passionate embrace of football, opera, fashion or photography, the Italians are a passionate, proud race with an appreciation for the good things in life

With warm days all year round, Calabria has the least number of rainy days and the highest number of sunshine hours in Italy. On average, there are four to five hours of sun a day in winter and up to ten our eleven in the summer months. There are 800 kilometres of beautiful beaches particularly on the west coast where you also have the beautiful historic towns of Tropea and Pizzo. Everywhere you turn you will find amazing historic hill top towns with history going back 1100 years. From the airport you are only an hour and a half from the stunning Silla national park which has excellent winter skiing.
Italian food is so much part of daily life that it is almost a cliché. Italians don't just sit down to eat - meals are a time of camaraderie and shared appreciation for excellent food.

Each region has its specialities and you'll find the cuisine to be seasonal. In Calabria, simple dressings of olive oil and herbs make way for spices further south, but throughout the whole country the fresh ingredients shine through. From handmade pasta to cured meats and cheese, so many dishes we think of as speciality are eaten here every day.
As an EU country, buying property in Italy is an easy process; we offer off-plan & key-ready property and re-sales.

When buying a property in Italy you should allow approximately 13% of the purchase price to cover purchase taxes and costs.

If you have any questions about the purchase process please call us on 01223 969304 and we will be happy to help.


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Il Giardino degli Uglivi
Apartment in Calabria, Italy
from € 99,000 to € 149,000
Sogno Mediterraneo
Apartment in Calabria, Italy
€ 90,000
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